Flying Cars Could Beat Chevy Volt To Market (VIDEO)

04/27/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • The Big Money

This is the first time that the thought of a flying car has ever depressed me. TheBigMoney is pretty worked up about them, though:

Flying cars have been leaping off the drawing board for a century, but obviously none have ever taken off from a business perspective. Terrafugia may finally break this cycle: The company plans to build several hundred Transitions through 2013 and says it will begin delivering orders in 2011.

Depending on how things go with GM and bailout or bankruptcy, this means the flying car may beat the Chevy Volt electric car to market. OK, to date, all the video of the flying cars I've seen shows them barely exceeding Wright brothers altitudes. But look at where that rickety first voyage got us in less than 100 years: Yes! The undeniably horrific experience of commercial air travel! The very agony that the 21st-century flying-car industry hopes to alleviate! It's time to start over, and this is a definite start.

See the Terrafugia in action: