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KFC Could Pave Chicago's Potholes If It Pays Enough: Daley

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CHICAGO - KFC, the fried chicken king, wants to add potholes to its menu.

The restaurant chain is offering to fill Chicago's potholes, if it can plaster its logo on the repair.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley on Tuesday seemed interested in the idea. However, he is amenable only if KFC is willing to pay. Daley mentioned $25 million and he threw out $50 million. At one point he even got as high as $80 million.

KFC is offering pothole fixes to five major cities as part of an ad campaign launched in Louisville.

Chicago Department of Transportation Commissioner Tom Byrne is raising questions about the quality of asphalt KFC intends to use. And he has qualms about the chain's plan to paint KFC ads on some of its pothole fixes. Daley voiced no such concerns.


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