Levi Johnston In Esquire: Learning How To Cook With Sarah Palin

05/11/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Esquire's new "How to Be a Man" issue features a profile of Todd Palin that includes some insight into the life of one gentleman who could probably use a little advice himself these days -- Levi Johnston. Here's an excerpt, showing a glimpse of Levi when he will still slated to marry Sarah Palin's daughter:

Bristol comes into the kitchen with Levi Johnston, her fiancé. He's a good-looking kid, very Abercrombie & Fitch. He says hi all around but doesn't say much more. When he's over here, it's usually just him and Todd and Trig in a house full of women, and the women dominate the conversation. He nods at Todd and Todd nods back.

"Levi got his wedding ring stuck on his thumb," Molly says.

"Levi!" Sarah says. "That's par for the course. That means you're stuck. That's symbolic or something." She pulls a roast out of the refrigerator and calls Levi over and starts showing him how to marinate it. "Now, Levi, look, I'm gonna put this stuff in here. . . ."

Now, of course, the couple has split, their families are feuding, and Johnston has suggested he may sue for custody of their child.

The issue, featuring a mix-and-match cover, hit newstands Friday. Along with the Johnston story, it includes a list of 31 things a man should own and 66 men to emulate. (Levi isn't one of them.)

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