How To Give When You Don't Have Money To Spare

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Given the current economic climate, it goes without saying that many people are having to make very difficult decisions, cutting back on spending and going without anything not strictly essential. For some, that means some hard choices about charitable donations: if you're a regular or occasional contributor to good causes, you might be seriously curtailing your gifts.

This can have a negative effect on you. However, if you value being able to help others and contribute, you may feel upset or even guilty that you're no longer in a position to do so. Or perhaps you've rarely or never given to charity in the past, but you've been moved by the suffering caused by the financial crisis - yet you yourself have little money to give.

The good news is that there are a number of ways you can make a real difference, without much money. Here are three ways that you could put into practice today, whatever your financial circumstances. Why not give one a try?

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