08/24/2009 01:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

5 Pornos Based On Beloved American SitComs (NSFW VIDEO)

Porn companies have certainly found a lucrative niche in the past few years: remaking beloved sitcoms as porn films that they can sell at a premium price. These videos have a built-in market in the porn world (fans of these shows) and they garner attention from mainstream media organizations. Here are five of the weirdest takes on beloved shows you'll ever see...

1) Not The Cosbys XXX

Key Quote From The Filmmaker: "This is our black 'Bradys'. I'm particularly proud that this is the first huge interracial feature I've shot. I'm happy to bring black people and white people together in sexual harmony." - Jeff Mullen

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2) This Ain't Happy Days XXX

Key Quote From The Filmmaker: "I grew up worshiping the original show, so I obviously had a strong emotional attachment to this project...and apparently so did everyone else involved. The level of commitment I got from the cast was just unbelievable: Tommy Gunn kept his trademark goatee off to play The Fonz, Alan Stafford dyed his hair a ridiculous strawberry blond to channel Richie, and Jack Lawrence even dyed his pubes orange to become Ralph! We wanted to create an over the top porn parody that plays upon the fun and spirit of the original show, and I think we achieved that." - Axel Braun

3) Not the Bradys XXX: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia

Key Quote From The Filmmaker: "This is feel-good porn. We loved the TV series and because we live in America, we get to have a little fun with a good friend. It's family-style porn if you know what I mean." - Jeff Mullen

4) The Office: A XXX Parody

Key Quote From The Filmmaker: "With all of the parodies out there, we wanted to shoot something really funny -- but also a little bit different. All of the spoofs out there are parodies of old shows. There aren't any new show parodies." - Ashlynn Brooke

5) Seinfeld: A XXX Parody

Key Quote From The Filmmaker: "It makes my job look easy when I get to work with an amazingly talented group who can pull off the hot sex and comedic acting. It just doesn't get better than that." - Lee Roy Myers

Video isn't available yet (as the production just started filming on April 10), but other pics are available here.