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Green Celebrities: Leo, Stella, Willie And More (SLIDESHOW)

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People in the spotlight are picked apart for lifestyle choices, so it's nice to find a few that try to make positive choices. Here are just a few famous folks who've used their fame to promote green causes:

Leonardo DiCaprio is just one of many celebrities to support the Natural Resource Defense Council.

Stella McCartney gives eco-entrepreneurs something to strive for.

Natalie Portman made vegetarianism sexy.

Joaquin Phoenix (you know, the hip-hop star) made veganism smoldering, then crazy.

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Green Celebrities
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Willie Nelson makes biodiesel rock, while Neil Young makes electric cars rock.

Salma Hayek shows that you can act locally and globally.

Penelope Cruz has helped organize a fleet of hybrids to shuttle celebrities around Hollywood during awards shows.

Ed Begley, Jr. and Bill Nye make going green a competition -- everybody wins!

Sting created The Rainforest Foundation in 1989!

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