05/23/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stroger Visits Cousin Dunnings 'Shocked' Over Her Firing As Cook County CFO

Cook County Board President Todd Stroger paid a visit to the cousin he abruptly fired last week, touching off a rash of criticism about his management that has led to calls for his resignation.

Stroger spent nearly 20 minutes at Donna Dunnings' home, the Tribune reports, and didn't comment as he left.

"I don't speak to reporters camped out outside people's houses," he said. Then he got into a county SUV with a bodyguard and driver and they pulled away.

Dunnings also refused to comment as she left her house. She told the Sun-Times that she was "shocked" by her firing and is concerned about her financial future, but that she is not angry at Stroger.

The AP story on Dunnings' interview:

Former Cook County chief financial officer Donna Dunnings says she was shocked when County Board President Todd Stroger fired her for her dealings with a former secretary.

Dunnings told the Chicago Sun-Times she never had a physical relationship with Tony Cole, who was hired in October and later fired after it was learned he had a criminal background.

Stroger has said he was forced to ask for Dunnings' resignation when it was revealed she had bailed Cole out of jail. He said he feared county board members would make an issue of the situation.

Dunnings said she harbored no ill will toward Stroger, even though the move will leave her without health insurance.

Dunnings suffers from multiple sclerosis and is a single mother of two girls _ one of which is seriously ill.