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Houston, We Have A Solution: Let Texas Secede (VIDEO)

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At a "tax day tea party" last week, Governor Rick Perry fired up the crowd by yelling "secede." He said that the federal government had abandoned the country's founding principles of limited government and that Texas' economy is in good shape compared with other states. (If it weren't for that pesky threat of civil war they might've tried this earlier.) This call to arms brought other level-headed Americans such as Glenn Beck and Ron Paul on board.

Many have responded to Perry's threat of secession by saying "go ahead." The following video joins that chorus, noting that we would be rid of some pesky Americans (i.e. George Bush) and that all we'd miss is Austin.

The video's creator, Andy Cobb, has been on a roll recently getting us inside footage of the teabagging movement and the 2M4M campaign.


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