06/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sherri Shepherd's Twitter-Crazy Weekend (VIDEO)

Sherri Shepherd had a crazy weekend in the Twitter-verse.

The "View" co-host, who joined Twitter in March, accidentally posted a Tweet that she specifically didn't want us to see and got into her first Twitter-fight!

"It's 11:36 & I just sent out a Public Tweet that should've been a Private Tweet!!! Don't want all my business on the Huffington Post! Crap!!" Sherri tweeted late Sunday night.

Last month, we posted that Sherri would be getting braces based on one of her Tweets.

A Twitter search reveals that Sherri's mistaken tweet, since deleted, referenced a date she went on over the weekend:

"wow... rare to hear that one coming from the female... usually that's what the guy says. Just went on a date & he said the same thing 2 me"

Screenshot of the deleted, errant tweet:


Last summer, Sherri spoke about how she hadn't been on a date in 11 years. She split up from her husband, Jeff Tarpley, in 2007, and subsequently imposed a vow of abstinence upon herself.

Monday morning on "The View," Sherri said that she'd gotten in her first Twitter-fight over the weekend, after one of her followers chastised her for not following all of the almost 70,000 Twitterers who follow her.

"A few people were mad at me because I don't follow them," she said. "It's physically impossible to follow 67,000 people and keep up with what 67,000 people are doing! I was tweeting back and forth. And the lady who was the maddest at me, she only has 32 followers and she follows 64 people. She said, 'You should follow 67,000 people!' And I'm like, 'I DON'T WANNA FOLLOW 67,000 PEOPLE! SIT!'"


The founders of Twitter will appear on "The View" Wednesday.