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Dan Rather Dresses Up For "Daily Show" Sketch Mocking Media On Obama Burger (VIDEO)

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Dan Rather joined Jon Stewart in mocking the media's coverage of President Obama and Vice President Biden's trip to Ray's Hell Burger Tuesday by dressing up as a 1973 newsman and creating a fake report of a Nixon/Kissinger burrito run.

"I'm standing outside Washington, DC's Cancun Mexican restaurant," Rather said, dressed in a wig. "Inside, President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger are enjoying some traditional Mexican entrees. I'm told the President ordered Mexicana Madness — that's a spicy chicken burrito — while Dr. Kissinger opted for a fish taco (lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, and copious amounts of a substance known to locals as 'guacamole')."

Rather continued, reporting that Nixon and Kissinger got separate checks — "they're going Dutch on this!" — and joking that Nixon said he doesn't make his own burritos because, "I am not a cook."


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