06/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama Is Cliff Huxtable: "Daily Show"'s Wyatt Cenac Compares The President To Bill Cosby (VIDEO)

In a brilliant segment from the "Daily Show"'s Senior Obamaist, Wyatt Cenac, we finally find out who Obama really is. The mysterious and popular president is, in fact, the lovable TV dad Cliff Huxtable from the family sitcom "The Cosby Show." As Cenac points out, both men are married to hot lawyers, both work out of offices on the West sides of their houses and both have unrealistically cute daughters.

The comparisons don't stop there--they're not just surface coincidences! Both men like hosting jazz musicians in their homes, inviting Stevie Wonder to appear with them in public, and beating girls at basketball.

What does this tell us about the president that we didn't already know? "The Cosby Show" ran for eight seasons--that's two terms! Also, Obama may, at some point, replace one of his daughters with a less cute cousin or something.


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Barack Obama Is Cliff Huxtable
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