06/26/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Scritti Politti: May 26, 2009

OMG, Sotomayor! Crazy, right? But first, here's an update on your Roland Burris/disputed heroism news. Over the weekend, we received an email from Daniel Blank, who said:

This whole thing is pretty funny. The woman that Burris "helped" off the plane is my mother. When the plane landed he pretty much begged her to let him carry her bag. My mom is 83 but she travels all over the world and he just carried her small carry-on bag off of the plane. She told him twice it wasn't necessary and my family had a big laugh over how she fell into a little PR move. We were hysterical when we saw a picture of him carrying her bag up a flight of stairs.

So there you have it, Burris appears to have successfully rescued a single piece of carry-on luggage from certain...somebody else carrying it off the plane.

OK. We now return to some Sonia Sotomayor stuff, followed by some non-Sonia Sotomayor stuff!

Leg's A-Tingle!: Chris Matthews says that the Sotomayor announcement was like a "campaign!" Yay, campaigns! Matthews loves a campaign! In fact, to Matthews, if you recall, "life" is "a campaign!" By which he means "life" is "something that Jon Stewart ruthlessly mocks you for, because, my God... get some perspective!"

Rocking The Suburbs: Man, I really can't wait for Sotomayor's critics to find some other case to cite besides Ricci!

Speaking Of: SCOTUSblog has a comprehensive dive into Sotomayor's decisions that I look forward to reading tonight. That's right! I'll be spending part of my evening reading about Sotomayor's legal decisions! Don't you wish you were me? (No, you do not.)

Something Not About Sonia Sotomayor: Hmmm. Okay! If you read just one liveblog of the experience of watching Three Men And A Baby on DVD -- well, as far as I know, there is only one such liveblog, so it's not like you have a choice. Still! That one liveblog is by the extremely funny Molly McAleer, so what can I say? Liveblogs of the experience of watching Three Men And A Baby on DVD are actually doing pretty okay!

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