Palin Spokeswoman Clarifies On Colbert Trip [UPDATED]

06/29/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Spokeswoman Sharon Leighow e-mails: "The governor taped a shout-out for troops for the 'Colbert Report' to air next month. Steve Colbert will be in the Persian Gulf sometime next month doing some of his shows."

OKAY. Everything you previously considered to be funny and suspenseful about this may still be considered to be funny and suspenseful, including that Katie Couric joke, if you like.



Via Lindsay at Videogum comes the news that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin bleated out a tweet on her Twitter that seems to have revealed the heavily, and comedically, guarded actual destination of Stephen Colbert's upcoming trip to the Persian Gulf. So, SPOILER ALERT:

Getting ready to tape shout-out for our awesome US troops serving overseas! Will be on 'Colbert Report' next month, broadcast from Iraq...

Yes, so Colbert is going to...uhm...Iraq! Which is really great for the troops stationed there! But it still seems, well...a bit anti-climactic for the rest of us, doesn't it? Which is probably why the show was working so hard to drag the whole thing out, for the sake of laughs. At any rate, Videogum reports that the Report is maintaining its official stance that the trip is to "the Persian Gulf." So, let's agree to play along, and act surprised and happy when Iraq is officially revealed as Colbert's destination, okay?

Besides, this being a "Sarah Palin controversy," I'm sure that we'll eventually hear about how this is all really Katie Couric's fault!

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