5 Incredible Underdogs Who Triumphed Against All Odds

07/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Jason McElwain, a teenage boy with autism, had always loved basketball. At his Rochester high school, he was responsible for helping out the varsity players as team manager: taking care of their equipment, getting fresh towels, and taking on other odd jobs to ensure that the team had everything they needed at their practices and games. During his senior year in 2006, McElwain's coach decided to add him to the team roster for the last game of the season, and give him an opportunity to play on the court for the first time ever. No one expected much from him, but McElwain proved that he knew his stuff: During three minutes on the field, the game's surprise hero sank six three-pointers and an additional shot, scoring 20 points for his team.

Although McElwain's amazing play wasn't enough to win the game, that didn't matter. The crowd went wild for the game's unlikely star, and McElwain's teammates carried him off the court in celebration of his amazing victory.

For McElwain, the basketball game was about more than sports--it helped him prove what he was capable of to the world. "This is the first moment Jason has ever succeeded (and could be) proud of himself," his mother, Debbie McElwain, told CBS News. "I look at autism as the Berlin Wall, and he cracked it." Check out the amazing video of his play below.


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