National Running Day: Everything You Need to Know

07/04/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today is one of little-known events known as National Running Day, and if you're from one of the three participating cities(Minneapolis, New York City, and Colorado) you know that you should be tossing on your running shoes after work and going for a jog. For those of you that aren't sure what National Running Day is, here's a quote from their website:

National Running Day is a national initiative whereby many of the major organizations within the running industry are joining forces in an unprecedented unified effort to nationally and locally promote running as a healthy, easy, and accessible form of exercise. The inaugural National Running Day will be Wednesday, June 3.
From New York to San Diego, the day will celebrate the benefits of running as part of a healthy and active lifestyle aimed at combating some of today's most pressing health issues.

You can participate in National Running Day anywhere--you don't have to be in one of the cities hosting events to take part. At the least, all it takes is to wear your running shoes throughout the day, go for a run, and invite a friend to join you.

Running Day is perfect if you want to lose weight, boost your metabolism, make new friends, and just feel better about yourself.

If you've got a mobile phone, or you're near a laptop during the day you can make sure to follow them on their twitter account runningday and keep up their tweets about events all over. Check back here for video and image updates of National Running Day as it unfolds.

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