07/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Coleman: Cultivate "Grass E-Roots" To Win Youth Vote (VIDEO)

"Ethernet" expert and former Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman has some advice for the Republican party: Cultivate grass e-roots.

Coleman was in St. Louis last week for the Conservative Heartland Leadership Conference. In a speech to the audience of traditional-values voters, Coleman shared his hi-tech strategy for saving the GOP.

We need to cultivate our grass e-roots. Grass e-roots. I heard a little bit about that discussed this morning. That's spelled Grass-space-e-hyphen-roots. We have a new [unintelligible] in American politics called grass e-roots. In this new world, the one with the most cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses and YouTube hits wins. Despite the fact that we had superior tickets and issues in November, we never caught up on the Democrats on the ability to raise funds fast and cheap, and communicate with millions of people in milliseconds.

Door-knocking and direct mailing still have a role but e-politics is the name of the game and we have to learn it. Facebook, Twitter, blogs, online social targeting. Conservatives need to manage the communication tools of the 21st century. ...

Coleman was in Minnesota Supreme Court earlier in the week, but he did not let the gloomy predictions for his case stop him from pitching his "e-politics" strategy.

A videographer taped the event:


After the speech, Coleman was seen telling a supporter that the key to Republican success lies in the "ethernet."

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