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WHEN IS FATHER'S DAY 2009: Quit Asking And Start Shopping

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Father's Day 2009 is the second to last Sunday of June, which makes this holiday land on June 21st. Instead of constantly asking your friends and family when the day is, use that time to start shopping around for the perfect gift for the man in your family. We've taken a look across the internet and have compiled a list of great Father's Day gifts for your Dad all under 99$. These 9 gifts are great starting points for finding the perfect gift for that special father in your life.

1. 4GB Sansa Fuze -- 99$
2. 15.4" Targus Laptop Messenger Bag -- 79$
3. 5 Button Stretch Wool Plaid Shirt -- 88$
4. Silk Striped Tie -- 59$
5. Navigon 2090S GPS System -- 99$
6. Men's Marrow of Life Watch -- 99$
7. Jabra Bluetooth Headphones -- 56$
8. Sterling Silver 3 Initial Money Clip - 24$
9. 62 Inch Windproof Umbrella - 27$

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