Chrysler-GM Dealership Owner Gets Choked Up At Hearing (VIDEO)

07/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The owner of a soon-to-be closed car dealership got choked up today while speaking out against General Motors' and Chrysler's plans to close hundreds of dealerships across the country.

Frank Blankenbeckler testified before a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee that within 24 hours he received letters from both Chrysler and General Motors letting him know that his Jeep-Chevrolet-Cadillac dealership in Waxahachie, Texas was on the chopping block.

"My grandfather paid for Carlisle Chevrolet from his labors. My father paid my grandmother for Carlisle Chevrolet through his efforts. It took me nearly 20 years to pay my parents for Carlisle Chevrolet," Blankenbeckler said. "It took GM and Chrysler a mere 24 hours to take Carlisle Chevrolet from me."

Blankenbeckler said that he believed Chrysler and GM were using bankruptcy to bypass state laws and violate his constitutional rights. But when he talked about his father, he came close to tears.

"I am hurt. I feel violated. And I am extremely upset," he said. "I wear my father's bronze star lapel pin on my coat. He was truly a member of the greatest generation. I am glad that he is not alive to witness this terrible injustice. To have risked his life for a country to do what they are doing would have destroyed him."


Video courtesy C-SPAN

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