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Pygmy Slow Loris & British People Looking Stupid: HuffPost's Caption Contest!

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Mr Ben, a pygmy slow loris, is administered anesthetic during one of Bristol Zoo's in-house veterinary clinic routine health check-up and teeth clean as part of the Zoo's standard animal husbandry and welfare procedure at Bristol Zoo on June 18, 2009 in Bristol, England. The furry, three-year-old patient, was diagnosed with some minor gum problems and given a dose of antibiotics, and is now recovering well after being given a clean bill of health, back at his home in Bristol Zoo's nocturnal house, Twilight World.


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These girls are suckers for rich guys. By digital.

Eye Candy. By BlueBaltMD.

Some sweet single women attend Royal Ascot in hopes of attracting a Bit-O-Honey and eventually having a Baby Ruth. People Snickered behind their backs. By WriteStuffNYC.

"We were standing under a giant pinata, when all of a sudden..." By Sergio Galindo.

Prom night in Candy Land. By oggiedoggie.

It's rare for a blond to get the point. By charlyann.


Monopoly Man Marries Fruit of the Loom Grape in First Gay Ad Icon Marriage. By jmby.