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Exclusive: MoveOn Targets DiFi On Healthcare In New Ad

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Intensifying efforts to keep recalcitrant Democrats in line on health care, the progressive activist organization is launching a new television ad calling on Sen. Diane Feinstein to stop "dragging her heels" and support "significant" reform.

"California voters sent Senator Dianne Feinstein to Washington to fight for us," goes the script. "That includes fighting to pass President Obama's health care plan. A recent poll shows that 71% of California voters want a significant overhaul of the health care system now. But Feinstein has been dragging her heels, saying health care may just be too 'difficult.' News flash Senator: We don't expect you to lead just on the easy issues. Senator Feinstein, please: Fight for California. Fight for President Obama's health care reform now."

The ad, which will be released on Friday and runs in Washington D.C., Los Angeles and San Francisco through the week, comes days after Feinstein expressed doubts about health care's passage during a segment on CNN.

The California Democrat has, since then, come under assault from a variety of progressive-leaning health care and advocacy groups, many of which have long viewed her politics skeptically.

As for MoveOn, the new ad also reflects a stepped up effort on its part in the health care debate. The vast majority of the group's five million members already likely support a progressive vision for health care reform. And they could play an important role in maintaining cohesion within Democratic ranks. Feinstein is an early target. But it wouldn't be surprising if there were others.