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Jason Jones's Last Report From Iran: Football, Hip-Hop, And A Genuine Plea For The Iranian People (VIDEO)

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Jason Jones aired his last report from Iran last night which was both hilarious and surprisingly touching. He began by teaching Iranian children how to play American football, and despite the over-the-top indictments of their skills, it looked like they had a lot of fun. Jones then interviewed Iranian rapper Hichkas about his music and took the opportunity to launch into his own rap, the highlight of which was:

"I'm the world's greatest rapper in English and Farsi,
I've got more rhymes than tabbouleh's got parsley."

Jones wore green at every chance during the rap video, an obvious nod to the revolution under way in Iran. He ended the segment by saying:

"As I watch what's happening there now, I know that somewhere in that sea of faces are the same people I had met, people who were gracious enough to take me into their homes, and schools, and coffee shops, people who indulged my assanine questions, people I hope will be safe and not be harmed or arrested for the simple act of wearing green and wanting a voice."

Jones was in Iran the week before the elections and ensuing protests began. He interviewed men that would later be arrested by an oppressive government, and gave us a view of Iranians not often portrayed in the American media.


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