08/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dennis Kneale Freaks Out At "Dickweed" Blogger Critics In Epic Rant (VIDEO)


Via Gawker comes this fantastic rant from CNBC host Dennis Kneale in which he rails against his "cowardly," "dickweed" blogger critics who made fun of him for basically declaring that the recession is over. Kneale is offended that these "mean-spirited bloggers" would be "jeering" at his optimism from the "dark and cozy safety of their mothers' basements," and invites them to come on and hash it out with him. One of Kneale's critics from Annuity IQ takes him up on the offer and calls into the show, although he's not given much time by the host.

Kneale is not completely without sense of humor though. He acknowledges bloggers pegging him as "Beaker," from the Muppets, is "pretty funny." The whole thing is great, and you can just feel PR advisers everywhere cringing as Kneale picks a fight that he can't possibly win.

[WATCH] Rant starts at 1:48.

***UPDATE*** Annuity IQ, the blogger who had the courage to come on the show only to get ambushed by Kneale, responds here.

Zero Hedge, who Kneale said was "too tired" to come on the show, responds in detail here.

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