08/01/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

WATCH Mark Levin: Obama's Policies Are "Bernie Madoff Times A Thousand"

Right-wing talk radio firebrand Mark Levin was a guest on Sean Hannity's self-titled Fox News show and unleashed a diatribe against President Obama.

Responding to Hannity's question of why his book "Liberty and Tyranny" is doing so well, Levin lit into Obama, calling his policies "Bernie Madoff times a thousand;" Obama "is taking a wrecking ball to this;" and that Obama's ultimate goal is to "destroy the middle class."

Hannity cheers him on the whole way through (his favorite way of referring to Levin is as "The Great One"), although it's questionable if the Republican party wants Levin out there as the face of their ideology considering the man has a history of embarrassing himself and conservatism.


Mark Levin to Hannity:

Because I think the American people are fundamentally liberty-loving people. And what's going on in this country is really anti-liberty. The President, you know, they just put Bernie Madoff away for life; the President's policies are Bernie Madoff times a thousand. He is taking a wrecking ball to this society. The American people love this country. They love its institutions; they revere the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. What the President is peddling is something utterly foreign. He's dragging us into what de Toqueville called a 'soft tyranny.' And really I don't know what the limits are on the power of the presidency anymore. They used to call Bush an imperial president, which was ridiculous, this is a real, live imperial president, who wants to dictate light bulbs to what medicines you get, to student loans and credit card interest rates. He doesn't have the constitutional authority to be doing all these things.


He lied. Matter of fact he's taken his page right out of Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals. Saul Alinsky essentially said, look, you gotta sound like you're for the middle class. You gotta sound like you're from the middle class. And then you destroy the middle class.