Dennis Kneale Rants Against "Dickweed" Blogger Critics Again: "I'm Not Sorry At All, I Meant Every Word" (VIDEO)

08/02/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Nicholas Graham Huffington Post

CNBC host Dennis Kneale is back for more, escalating a feud he began with the blogosphere yesterday with another long-winded rant. Kneale said he was compelled to confront the bloggers, "criticizing their mean-spirited negativity and bash[ing] them for hiding behind the cowardly cloak of anonymity."

To briefly recap, Kneale became the favorite punching bag of the moment for business blogs like Zero Hedge, Dealbreaker, and Annuity IQ after he declared that the recession is over. The blogs, naturally, ribbed him a bit for this grandiose statement. Kneale took it a little personally, using his show to freak out with an epic rant at his "dickweed" blogger critics.

When many websites, including this one, posted this rant, Kneale claimed he had "stirred up an angry hornet's nest in the blogs," who "incited an online mob to rush to their defense."

Now that Kneale has reflected on the situation, he's come to this conclusion:

But this bitter backlash has given me pause. I mean, maybe I've painted with too broad a brush. I thought about that this morning. Perhaps I was unduly harsh. And then it came to me, no I wasn't. I'm not sorry at all. I meant every word of it. See the thing is, I don't bother reading the vitriol spewing out from the miscreants and these digital imbeciles, but apparently a lot of them sure are watching me. Nananee boo boo.

Kneale is really thinking too hard about this. He said something silly ("the great recession is over) on the biggest business television network in America, and business blogs predictably called him on it. We suspect there might another reason Kneale is upset.

According to the host himself, when you enter his name in Google, "Dennis Kneale CNBC" shows up first, "but in the number two position, rising like a bullet, is 'Dennis Kneale Idiot,' with 14,000 entries and counting." Like we warned earlier, don't pick a fight you can't win.

He ended the segment with this line: "Like my Wall Street pals tell me, we've seen this movie before. We're gonna be okay. Hope is the magical elixir of any rebound." Yeah, thanks Dennis. We're all completely reassured by your Wall Street pals and their magical elixirs.