08/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

India Gay Ruling: Local Media Reacts With Glee

The HuffPost has rounded up some of the reactions across India's media to today's decriminalization of homosexuality by the Delhi High Court:

NDTV called the Delhi ruling a "revolutionary verdict", saying that India has become the 127th country to legalize homosexuality.

A headline in the Indian Express quotes the High Court's position that "Homosexuality is not a mental disorder."

The Times of India has reported Bollywood's approval of the ruling and quotes filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt: "This is a defining moment in the history of free India. No state has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love. The only 'queer' people are those who propagate hate."

The Hindustan Times emphasises the UN's approval of the ruling. The UN said it believed the decision could act set a precedence for countries who currently outlaw gay sex.

Indipepal writes that a similar petition had been rejected by the same court in 2001 and concludes that activism played an important part in bringing about today's ruling: "It is clear that this latest ruling is a reflection of increased activism by gay rights groups and high profiled supporters like Bollywood actress and Former Miss World Celina Jaitley, along with a more progressive government."

The court ruling is repeatedly quoted by ZeeNews who calls it a "pathbreaking judgement". Zeenews quotes the ruling: "It cannot be forgotten that discrimination is antithesis of equality and that it is the recognition of equality which will foster dignity of every individual."

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