08/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Birkett Reconsidering Running Against Madigan For Attorney General

Republican Attorney General Candidate Joe Birkett appears to be reconsidering his plans following Lisa Madigan's unexpected decision to bypass running for higher office and seek a third term as Illinois Attorney General.

Birkett, the DuPage County State's Attorney, declared his candidacy July 2. He reaffirmed it after Madigan's announcement with a blustery blog post titled, "Welcome to the race, Lisa."

"Lisa Madigan's announcement does not change my plans," Birkett wrote. "I look forward to offering Illinois voters new leadership in a state that desperately needs it."

What a difference a day makes. In comments to the Daily Herald in a story published Thursday, Birkett appears to be backing off his bring 'em on stance.

"Right now, obviously, the plan is the plan," Birkett said. "I didn't formally announce, but I was indicating I would not be a candidate for governor and was looking at the attorney general's race, and that's the way it stands right now.

"Lisa Madigan's decision to retain that office is something I have to speak with my supporters about and assess the possibilities. But anybody can be beat."

As Capitol Fax's Rich Miller noted, Birkett did "formally announce" his candidacy. A YouTube video put out last week by Birkett's campaign is titled "Joe Birkett Announces for Illinois Attorney General."