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The 7 Worst First Pitches By Famous People Ever (VIDEO) (POLL)

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President Obama threw out the first pitch at the All Star game this week, and while it wasn't a rocket, it definitely could have been worse. Below are seven ways in which he could have seriously embarrassed both himself and the nation. Vote below for the worst!

Quick Poll

Who threw the worst pitch?

Carl Lewis

Mark Mallory

Mariah Carey

Trent Edwards

Baba Booey

Adam Carolla

Mark Wahlberg

June 2003 -- Carl Lewis, a man who is arguably the best athlete in the world, throws out a pitch that barely makes it past the pitcher's mound:

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April 2007 -- Cincinatti Mayor Mark Mallory beams a ball so far from the plate that he became a pseudo-celebrity, appearing on Kimmel to talk about how terrible it was.

May 2008 -- Mariah Carey shows her distaste for Japanese baseball by disgracing everyone involved:

May 2009 -- Trent Edwards, the quarterback of the Bills, decided to throw out the first pitch of the game after working out with the Blue Jays. It did not go well:

May, 2009 -- Gary Dell'Abate (aka Baba Booey from the Howard Stern show) threw the ball to the wrong guy on the field:

May 2009 -- Adam Carolla throws TWO terrible pitches, the second of which almost took out a camera:

July 2009 -- Mark Wahlberg hit a fan in the butt with his first pitch at Boston Red Sox game recently (video of him starts 5 minutes in to this clip):

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