08/24/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The HR-3200: Jimmy Fallon And Carol Alt Make Infomercial For Obama's Health Plan (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon obviously hits the gym. How else would he get those super-huge guns and rock-hard pecs? When he goes, he doesn't screw around with dumbbells and medicine balls--he lifts President Obama's health care proposal. America's Affordable Health Choices Act is over 1,000 pages and weighs 13 pounds (which is all we think Fallon can lift).

He feels so strongly about the results HR-3200 can produce that he made an infomercial about it replete with cardboard cut-out and brightly colored spandex. To demonstrate how the bill works he had supermodel Carol Alt clutch it to her bosom and do crunches. We somehow think she didn't really break a sweat. Fallon went on to explain that for only 52 easy payments of $19,231,769,235 this totally body health system can work for every American.


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