Monday's Late Night Round-Up: Palin's Resignation, Biden's Twitter, And More! (VIDEO)

08/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Nicholas Graham Huffington Post

Good afternoon everyone. So who caught Sarah Palin's resignation speech at that picnic in Alaska on Sunday? If you didn't, and even if you have, check out the "Daily Show"'s coverage here. But wow, that speech was astonishing. We've been debating which one amazed us more: her original resignation speech a month ago, or the formal one two days ago. We can't decide! Please help by offering your opinions on this important question in the comments.

I regret to inform you that Monday's Late Night Round-Up is tinged with sadness: the Taco Bell Dog, who easily attained the noble title of Most Famous Chihuahua Ever, passed away. Do not despair! Letterman roasted our tiny canine friend and we're quite sure he's laughing through mouthfuls of gorditas in heaven.

Monday night's lessons included the real reason the White House blocked Twitter, the Chinese and our money, and Cheney and Bugs Bunny.

Yeah, that's right. Cheney and Bugs Bunny.


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