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10 CEO Mega-Yachts (PHOTOS, POLL)

First Posted: 08/29/09 06:12 AM ET   Updated: 05/25/11 02:45 PM ET

With the economy mired in a historic recession, now is certainly not the time to flaunt your world-class mega-yacht (assuming you actually own one). Yet, as Vanity Fair's Vicky Ward pointed out on the HuffPost recently, Andres Piedrahita, the main shareholder of the Fairfield Greenwich Group, recently took possession of a $30 million yacht. This, of course, was after Fairfield Greenwich had siphoned billions into Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme.

Despite the economy, there's no shortage of floating palaces among today's more upmarket business leaders. In fact, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has two huge vessels, while Russian billionaire -- and owner of the U.K.'s Chelsea soccer club -- has three enormous ships.

Which ship is the most ludicrously enormous? Which is barely seaworthy? View our SLIDESHOW and VOTE below (NOTE: all costs are approximate):

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  • Roman Abramovich's "Pelorus," $300 Million

    One of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s mini-fleet of yachts, the Pelorus is 377 feet long and was built in 2003.

  • Paul Allen's "Octupus," Over $200 Million

    The larger of two yachts owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Octupus stretches an impressive 413 feet.

  • Joe Vittoria's "Mirabella V," $50 million

    Former Avis Rent-A-Car CEO Joe Vitorria <a href=""> commissioned this ship</a>, which ranks as the largest single-masted sailboat in the world. It currently serves a commercial charter boat. (Rates start at $250,000 per week).

  • Larry Ellison and David Geffen's "Rising Sun", $200 Million

    The shared property of Oracle’s Larry Ellison and record exec David Geffen, the Eclipse measures in at 452 luxurious feet.

  • Roman Abramanovich's "Eclipse," A Reported $500 Million

    At 509 feet, Abramovich's floating behemoth is actually equipped with its own military-grade missile defense system. It was rumored to cost <a href=""> almost half a billion dollars.</a>

  • Leslie Wexner's "Limitless," Over $45 Million

    Owned by Limited Brand’s Founder Leslie Wexner, this yacht spans just over 315 feet, and has been gliding over oceans since 1997.

  • Eugene Shivdler's "Le Gran Bleu," $150 million

    Originally built in 2000 for American businessman John McCaw, Jr., this 370-foot beauty was then bought by Roman Abramovich, who gave it to his longtime oil partner, Eugene Shvidler.

  • Paul Allen's "Tatoosh," $300 Million

    The smaller of Paul Allen’s ‘pair’, the 9-year-old Yacht measures in at 301 feet.

  • Carl Icahn's "Starfire," $37 Million

    Last year, hedge fund billionaire Carl Icahn put his 177-foot yacht on the market for <a href="">$37 million</a>.

  • Dennis Washington's "Attesa IV," $50 Million (restoration costs)

    302 feet long and a multiple yacht contest award winner, Dennis Washington’s (of Washington Companies) prized mega-yacht was built in 1997.

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