Two-Headed Baby Born In Philippines

08/30/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

In an extremely rare instance, a baby girl born at the Dr. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital in the Philippines Tuesday night has two heads, CBS News reports. Named "Baby Girl Arciaga," the infant has two spines, two brains and two hearts, encased in one cavity, but she shares everything else, including lungs and kidneys, according to the CBS report.

"This is a very rare case. It's new even to us," Dr. Ruben Flores, FMH's director, said in a television interview.

The condition is called dicephaly monozygotic conjoined birth, and it occurs in only one out of 80,000 live births.

The sharing of vital organs for the two heads poses a danger, for which the baby is now under observation, AFP reports.

"The rate of survival will depend on the shared organ. If they only have one heart, they will not survive," [an] unidentified spokeswoman told local radio.

Officials at the hospital said the extra head appeared to be a twin of the girl who failed to fully separate during the development stage in early pregnancy.

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