09/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

I-70 Won't See "Substantive Improvements" Until At Least 2015: Frisco Town Manager

You can see some of the Federal stimulus dollars at work on Highway 9, I-70, and the Summit County Maintenance shop, but what else is happening on I-70? Well, the I-70 Coalition and our members have been continuing to stay busy over the last several months. Much of the early part of the year was spent working on legislation to ensure an ongoing and stable funding source for transportation financing. A reliable statewide funding stream is necessary for anything to happen on I-70.

Many of the I-70 members are also involved in the Rocky Mountain Rail Authority (RMRA) which is nearing completion of a study showing that it is feasible to develop a high speed rail solution between DIA and the Eagle County Airport, as well as from Fort Collins to Pueblo. This was a very high level study, but one which will ultimately tie in with the I-70 Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement. For those of you wondering about costs, we're talking in the neighborhood of $15 billion for the DIA to Eagle County Airport route and more than $5 billion for the north-south route.

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