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50 Funny People You Should Be Following On Twitter

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Twitter may seem like a lot of work--yet another way you have to keep up with people's boring minutia and thoughts on Michael Jackson's doctor. But it doesn't have to be! If you pick the right folks to follow (comedians who are not only hilarious in real life but on Twitter too) the whole thing can be fun. They are in no particular order, so make sure to scroll all the way through (DO IT). Please let us know about other funny feeds we missed in the comments section!

Name/Twitter Name/BioPhotoWhat You Can Expect
Neal Brennan/@nealbrennan/Co-Creator, "Chappelle's Show"; Director, "The Goods"A BJ Novak #failedsexualpositions
Stephen Colbert/@StephenAtHome/"Colbert Report"the recession is over and people are celebrating in the streets. oh, i'm sorry, those are unemployment lines
Andy Borowitz/@borowitzReport/Stand-Up, WriterGood news: the high levels of weed killer in our drinking water means we can kill the weeds on our lawn just by peeing on it.
Judah Friedlander/@JudahWorldChamp/"30 Rock"It was my Alaskan fart that forced Palin out of office.
Conan O'Brein/@ConanOBrien/Frmr "Tonight Show" HostApologies to Duke fans, but I really wanted Butler to win so I could write “The Butler Did It.”
Rob Delaney/@RobDelaney/Stand-UpExcited to meet my 6000th follower this weekend! I hope (s)he has big nipples!
Adam McKay/@GhostPanther/Director, Funny or Die FounderI think i discovered a new truism. Huff diesal fuel and masturbate on an overpass and you will meet new people.
Joel McHale/@joelmcHale/Host, "The Soup" If I hear that "I kissed a girl song" one more time I'm going to shoot myself in the ears.
David Wain/@davidwain/Director, ComedianI tried to go sailing today but am way too Jewish.
Rob Corddry/@robcorddry/"Daily Show"I never lock the bathroom door. If someone walks in on me I yell "GET THE FUCK IN HERE!". It always works.
Mindy Kaling/@mindykaling/Actress & Writer, "The Office"Final Destination is amazing cuz Death is the psycho killer. The same Death from like, The Civil War and Titanic.
Aziz Ansari/@azizansari /"Parks & Recreation," "Human Giant"Entourage Episode Idea 1: E can't get cell service, Turtle gets a bad haircut, Drama has an ingrown toe nail, and Vince eats a banana.
Seth Meyers/@sethmeyers21/Head writer, "SNL"Favre is to decisions what Vick is to dogs
Bill Maher/@billmaher/"Real Time with Bill Maher"Dancing with the scum - Tom Delay is on the dancing show?!! You know who loved to waltz? Stalin. Was David Duke unavailable?
Sarah Silverman/@SarahKSilverman/"Sarah Silverman Program"Diarrhea would be a beautiful name if it didn't mean diarrhea
Caprice Crane/@capricecrane/Novelist, Screenwriter"This Cold Medicine Lasts 8 Hours" is the "I Promise I'll Pull Out, Baby" of the pharmaceutical industry.
Paul Scheer/@paulscheer/"Human Giant"Thought 500 Days of Summer did a great job setting up Cobra Commander's character in GI Joe. It is a prequel, right?
Aisha Tyler/@aishatyler/Stand-Up, "Friends"Sun & I'm back in front of the computer. Whomever said this biz was glamorous never worked for it. And their name rhymes w/'Baris Wilton.'
Baratunde Thurston/@baratunde/Stand-Up, The Onionoverheard at airport: Douchbag #1 "i hate children on planes." Douchebag #2: "I hate children pretty much anywhere"
Michael Showalter/@mshowalter/"Michael & Michael Have Issues"I am proud to say that, at least for now, Michael Ian Black has less than one million more followers than I do.
Joy Behar/@JoyVBehar/"The View"Why do straight men not like to admit that they watch the View?
Jon Daly/@jondaly/Stand-UpHollywood Tips: Scream this at a party- "Jimmy Camz is a lazy fuck! Im like let ME steer this Titanic! Hes like-Can't help it, I love you!"
Alex Blagg/@alexblagg/WriterSorry Ernest Hemingway, but "Slain Model Identified By Breast Implants" is the saddest six-word story every told.
Craig Ferguson/@CraigyFerg/"Late Late Show"@joelmchale on the show tonight. I am as excited as a midget on crack.
Tim Heidecker/@timheidecker/"Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job"Almost had my phone confiscated trying to take pic of girl wearing silver SEINFELD belt buckle at airport. Didn't get the shot. :(
Peter Serafinowicz/@serafinowicz/British ComedianLaughter is the second best medicine. The best medicine is medicine.
Gabe Liedman/@gabeliedman/Stand-UpRUE MCLANAHAN AND TINY LESLIE FROM 'WILL AND GRACE' AT COMIX 2GETHER?? anyone want to lend me ,000, to buy every ticket???
Steve Agee/@steveagee/"Sarah Silverman Program"I've officially just watched every porn there is on the internet...even the gross ones.
Sarah Haskins/@sarah_haskins/"InfoMania"Going to see Potter tonight. What is this "mild sensuality" the MPAA is warning me about? They finally learn the spell "Accio rubbers"?
Jen Kirkman/@JenKirkman/Stand-Up, WriterTo those of you who say that Obama threw the first pitch "like a girl...." please don't insult my lesbian softball playing friends.
Todd Barry/@toddbarry/Stand-UpSpent Delta flight from Charleston writing complaint letter to Delta about Delta flight to Charleston.
Michael Ian Black/@michaelianblack/"Michael & Michael Have Issues"In Spain. Saw some incredibly sexy chests on the topless beach. Some of the ladies looked good, too.
Greg Fitzsimmons/@GregFitzShow/Stand-Up, WriterMarriage is the opposite of prison; the better you behave, the longer your sentence.
Paul Tompkins/@PFTompkins/"Best Week Ever"Heading to the wedding of dear friends in Massachusetts. Via train. You know what that means-- *sigh*-- there's sure to be a murder mystery.
Mike Birbiglia/@birbigs/Stand-UpThere are things money can't buy. And Ticketmaster is working on ways to charge you for them.
Ellen DeGeneres/@TheEllenShow/"Ellen," "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"Celebrity sighting of the day: Portia de Rossi, eating lunch in my kitchen!
Baron Vaughn/@barvonblaq/Stand-UpI wanna punch the Palm Pre redheaded girl in the translucent face.
John Hodgman/@HODGMAN/Experti'll just tell you everything that happens as it happens. i'm rick sanchezing it
Eugene Mirman/@eugenemirman/Stand-UpI just remembered — saw a baby's dick on a train last week. Sorry I forgot to tell you guys.
Eric Wareheim/@ericwareheim/"Tim and Eric: Awesome Show, Great Job"Anyone at the dodgers now? If so, streak with me. Headed on the field at 8:30!
Dave Hill/@mrDaveHill/Stand-Up, WriterI am going out. My parents asked when I would be coming home and I told them I was going to stay out as long as I want!
Jim Gaffigan/@jimgaffigan/"My Boys"Quiche, I don't care what they say about you. I think you're fabulous. Wait, did I just say fabulous? Quiche what have u done to me?
Julie Klausner/@Julieklausner/Stand-Up, WriterWE is showing 9 to 5 and Oxygen is showing Steel Magnolias. I LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO. Don't say "go outside."
Mo Rocca/@MoRocca/Comedian & CommentatorWrite Donald Trump and demand term limits for Miss Universe. Venezuela must be stopped!
Jon Friedman/@friedmanjon/Blogger, Late Night with Jimmy FallonI was going to start an account called Twitney Houston and tweet out 140 characters worth of Whitney Houston song lyrics but then I didn't.
Gabriel Delahaye/@GabrielDelahaye/Blogger, VideogumI am trying to decide if my new screenplay, "Bob and Weave," is going to be about a boxer named Bob or a hairdresser named Bob.
Rainn Wilson/@RainnWilson/"The Office"Tomorrow is the next day which can be the first day of the rest of your life because today is like half over.
Max Silvestri/@maxsilvestri/Stand-UpFor me, growing up is realizing that Black Sheep is nowhere near as good as Tommy Boy, no matter how much you want it to be.
Whitney Cummings/@WhitneyCummings/Stand-Up, ActressWomen who wear high heels at the airport should not be able to vote.
Rob Huebel/@RobHuebel/"Human Giant"After swimming in the ocean sat, I saw on the news there was a great white shark in the water. So bummed I missed a kick-ass death!

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