09/26/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Kate Gosselin: The Kids And I Will Continue The Show

Her estranged husband might want out of their family's reality show, but Kate Gosselin says she she and the kids will continue taping what has been a "source of huge -- for whatever reason -- inspiration for a lot of people," and a huge source of income for her family.

Appearing on Larry King Live Tuesday night, Kate talked about the kids' reaction to their parents' divorce, her police-mediated fight with Jon, her own dating prospects and the fate of the show in future seasons.

You can read a partial transcript of the interview here.

On Jon's claims he would like to quit taping the show:

Jon's opinions and his goals are his. I know that, personally, for myself and the kids, this has been a good experience. It continues to be a good experience...Everyone works. Everyone has a job. Everyone has what they're dealing with. And, generally speaking, this is the most flexible, workable, wonderful job for myself.

On how the kids are coping with the divorce:

And as any child, you know, when their parents are divorcing, the goal is peace and we've achieved that numerous times. The Fourth of July we spent together as a family. My goal is, no matter what the circumstance, no matter what place, you know, one of us is in, my goal is really peace and the best that it can be for the kids.

On how her marriage crumbled after renewing vows in Hawaii just one year ago:

It is a question I ask myself every day. I don't have the answer.

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