NY Mag Art Critic Challenges Glenn Beck To Stage Art Shows

10/20/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Days after Glenn Beck presented Fox viewers with his art history lecture of Rockefeller Center, I find myself really thrilled at the extent to which people have gotten so into art history. Apparently there is a desire out there for a little bit more than a Birther Tour of Manhattan landmarks.

Now, Glenn Beck is being asked to greatly expand upon his foray into art criticism.

Via Tyler Green's Modern Art Notes comes news that New York Magazine art critic Jerry Saltz has issued a challenge to Beck: Put on your own shows! Saltz writes:

A large gallery or museum should ask Glenn Beck to curate two shows this season (he would be free to ask other associates at Fox News to assist).

* The first: Images of art in NYC, or actual works, that he would like to see demolished; and

* The second: A show of CONTEMPORARY art that he approves of.

According to Green, Saltz has pledged to review both shows. And if Beck is looking for suggestions, Green makes a solid case for an inclusion in the second show: an original Scott Sforza multimedia performance art piece with which you may have some passing familiarity.

As for me, well, to put it in the contemporary parlance of 30 Rockefeller Center, "I want to go to there!" I can think of few things more enjoyable that attending the opening night reception of these two Beck-curated shows. I would gladly pay money to be in attendance. Later, I would be just as glad to submit any or all receipts pertaining to those shows in an expense report, for reimbursement.

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