French Schools, Companies Ban Kissing Over Swine Flu Fears

11/09/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Some French companies and schools are introducing kissing bans to try and stop the spread of swine flu, ITN reported.

In some places, even the traditional kiss on the cheek has been banned, the BBC reported.

A large insurance company, Axa, told its employees to wave at each other instead of sharing a kiss or a handshake, ITN added.

The mayor of Guilvinec in south-western Brittany, Helene Tanguy, has said that no child should kiss in her town.

The Guardian reported:

Mayor Helene Tanguy said: "I asked the children not to kiss anymore. I felt that the protections sought to wash hands regularly, not throw used handkerchiefs around, and not cough any old way had no meaning if we let the kids keep kissing."

No national ban has been called for at this time.

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