11/17/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Best Business Books Of All Time (PHOTOS)

What does Warren Buffett read? If only we knew. Like any good novel, business books are a matter of taste.

For every How To Win Friends And Influence People, there's an obscure tome like 48 Laws Of Power (a favorite of 50 Cent, incidentally.) Business insight can come from the canonical works of classical economics or from, well, Dr. Seuss.

Today, The Financial Times and Goldman Sachs released their shortlist for the best business books of the last year. (Check out Jason Linkins' take on some of their glaring omissions). And recently, famed venture capital investor Fred Wilson, who's an investor in Twitter, and other tech standouts, posted a wide-ranging list of his favorite books for entrepreneurs. (Think everything from The Autobiography Of Malcolm X to The Art Of War.)

With variety in mind, we'd like to hear your thoughts on your favorite business books of all time. We've gotten the list started with a mix of all-time business classics and some newer favorites. Press "Participate", submit the book's title, a description of why you think it's the best business book of all time and a photo of the book cover. You can pinpoint your location on the map. (Quick note: we're not limited to the business books category - send us your thoughts on any book that's enlightened you about marketing, finance or human behavior).

The Best Business Books Of All Time