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MSNBC Hosts: Obama Should Have Done Fox News Sunday (VIDEO)

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They didn't go so far as to call the White House "crybabies," but several MSNBC personalities Monday agreed with Fox's Chris Wallace that President Obama should have included Fox News Sunday in his blitz of the Sunday morning talk shows.

Obama should "absolutely" have done Fox News Sunday, Mike Barnicle said on "Morning Joe."

"It gets to part of the personality of this particular president," Barnicle said. "He's 'No Drama Obama.' He doesn't like confrontation. But boy, here's an opportunity...Fox has their own point of view, we have our own point of view sometimes. Put the President right on there! It's very difficult to get confrontation with the President of the United States when he's right there eyeball to eyeball."

Andrea Mitchell agreed with Barnicle, saying, "The President, I think, is tough enough, smart enough to go against any would have been a good move for the White House."

"There's no one I think who could handle it better than President Obama," Mika Brzezinski said of the President meeting the opposition. "By not doing Fox, doesn't it, Joe, continue the 'us and them' concept that's going on here?"

Joe Scarborough disagreed, saying he'd advise a Republican president to ignore any outlet that had been organizing protests against him the week before.

"I'd say, 'the hell with them," Scarborough said. "If they want to be the opposition, let them be the opposition."