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Don Imus Back On TV, Defends New Fox Family

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Don Imus returned to major television Monday morning, bringing his "Imus in the Morning" to Fox Business Network.

Imus spoke to the Washington Post's Howard Kurtz before the launch, and many of his comments indicate he's already feeling at home in the Fox Family:

"The perception is that even their news is skewed toward opinion -- not when I watch it. It's a fair news organization. It's not my job to defend them. But I'm more likely to believe Shep Smith than Katie Couric or Brian Williams. Their news is advertiser-driven."

And Fox's isn't? "We're better people and have a much closer relationship with our Lord," Imus deadpans.

Regarding the difference between Fox Business Network and RFD-TV, which previously simulcast his show, Imus told Kurtz, "It's the difference between being on television and being on an Etch A Sketch."

Read Kurtz's full article here.

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