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The 10 Creepiest Unintentionally-Sexual Ads Of All Time (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Huffington Post     First Posted: 07/27/2010 1:12 pm   Updated: 05/25/2011 2:20 pm

I think you'll all agree these ads are creepy, but some of you may argue they're not all UNINTENTIONALLY sexual. Let's just say we're giving these folks the benefit of the doubt. Because if these ads were meant to be as lewd as they turned out to be then some of their auteurs belong behind bars.

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  • The Oozenator

    Note the disclaimer at the end: "Major pumping required."

  • Jerk My Chicken

    This "Support your local businesses" ad means well, but the poor guy in the picture probably gets a lot of strange requests now.  

  • But(t) Satisfier

    Local car dealership ads have always been corny and low-budget, BUT this one takes the cake.  

  • 1973 Catholic Church Logo

    The 70s were definitely a simpler time, but today this logo for the Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission looks like an admission of guilt.

  • Mr. Bucket

    As a kid, I never noticed how wrong it sounded when Mr. Bucket said "your balls pop out of my mouth."

  • Newport Aquarium

    We have NO IDEA what making drivers think you're going to give them a prostate exam has to do with the aquarium.

  • "Shake Weight" Exercise For Women

    This ridiculous workout tool makes unsuspecting women look like they're giving RoboCop a handjob.

  • Kum and Go

    This Midwestern convenience store chain is celebrating its 50th anniversary. How is this possible?

  • The Wunder Boner

    So, yeah, this is a real product with a deeply unfortunate name. The ad just sorta hums along until one of the highly skilled actors says, "My wife would like that."

  • The Computer Doctors

    They solve your electronic problems with their penises.