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RNC's New Website Includes Timeline Of GOP Accomplishments... Lists Nothing After 2004

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The Republican National Committee has launched a new website in a bid to foster a focused online presence for the GOP. Upon first visit to the website, a digitalized version of RNC chairman Michael Steele walks onscreen to introduce the new "We're building a digital space that grassroots Republicans can finally call home," says Steele.

The site features social networking tools, blogs, a gallery of "GOP Faces," and a time line of the Republican Party's accomplishments, which, as Eric Zimmerman notes, mentions no accomplishments since 2004. And this was not the only potentially embarrassing oversight. As Politico's Ben Smith pointed out, when the site originally went online, the GOP's new home had a blank page in a rather unfortunate place: the "Future Leaders" page (the problem has since been rectified).

In his first blog post, RNC chairman Michael Steele inaugurates the revamped site with a startling insight: "The Internet has been around a while, now." Predictably, Steele's new blog is called "What Up?"

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