03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Schwarzenegger At Oracle OpenWorld Jokes About 'Why I'm Studly,' No 'Action' From Wife

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California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger broke the ice at the Oracle OpenWorld 2009 conference with jokes about his wife's recent cell-phone scandal, his love for technology, and his studliness.

He opened his speech by telling the audience that he "summit or conference or whatever you call it" was "all about pumping you up," referencing the SNL "Hans and Franz" skit parodying Schwarzenegger's body-building.

He kidded about his wife's recent cell-phone incident, in which she was caught breaking the law by chatting on the phone while driving:

I mean, can you believe that she was caught, now, three times in a row? With holding that phone in her hand like in the stone age? I mean you can just talk. I mean there is the technology available now. And of course I promised the people that I'm going to create action and stop her. Of course, this is a no-win situation, I can tell you this right now.

Because, I mean, if I don't create action, the voters get upset, and if I do create the action and stop her, then I get no action. So I mean, so, you know, I'm in big trouble.

At the IT event, the Governator praised technology, crediting it for his blockbuster movie career and "studly" persona:

I mean, how could I have done Terminator and Conan the Barbarian and all of those movies without technology? I mean, if I think about Conan the Barbarian fighting this giant snake, I could have never done that and looked so studly if I wouldn't have had technology. And the green screen technology. Or in Terminator, just think about it, playing a cybernetic organism, living tissue over a metal endoskeleton. How could I have done that without technology? How could I have, as Terminator, blown the one T-1000's head off and then magically see it regenerated right in front of me?

Read a transcript of his speech and watch ha video of it below:


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