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Lou Dobbs: John Stossel A "Self-Important Ass" (AUDIO)

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If Lou Dobbs really is heading to Fox Business, he isn't looking to make any friends there.

On his radio show Thursday, Dobbs slammed Fox Business' latest high-profile hire, John Stossel, calling the former ABC News correspondent a "self-important ass" who has "his own brand of myopic idiocy."

Stossel had taken Dobbs to task for what he called "rants about immigrants wrecking America."

"Immigrants wrecking America -- I've never said anything close to that," Dobbs said. "As a matter of fact, I embrace immigrants to this country, I welcome them, I want more -- and as a matter of public policy, we need them. In no way am I restrictionist, and to hear this ass continue his act over at Fox News. I just can't wait until he starts blowing bubbles in the air -- that's about all he's equipped to do."

The New York Times reported earlier this month that Fox Business was eyeing Dobbs for a potential role at the startup business network.