Dueling Ads Released As Maine Gay Marriage Battle Draws To Conclusion

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Via Andrew Sullivan come a pair of political ads up in Maine, working both sides of the gay marriage issue as the state prepares to vote on "Question 1," which would uphold or reject the law that permits marriage equality. Sullivan says, "They are, in a way, almost poignant examples of the politics of fear and the politics of hope."

In the former case, we have a frenetic ad from "Stand For Marriage" in Maine, which is sort of a homophobic version of the Bourne Ultimatum crossed with a PowerPoint presentation. Did you know that "Gay activists throughout the nation" want things like "gay friendly day care" facilities to replace the gay-hostile day care facilities, where your two moms will be dunked, like witches?

The bottom line is this: if no one does something about this, "Gay marriage will be taught in Maine schools!"


By contrast, the gay marriage advocates' ad seems to suggest that families across the state have gotten this stuff all figured out, and are doing just fine.


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