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Lawrence O'Donnell, Anthony Weiner Rip Joe Wilson For "Idiotic" Health Care Proposal (VIDEO)

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Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) had an epiphany about health care legislation while he attended a "luncheon" at "Enchilada's Mexican restaurant" with some senior citizens on Hilton Head island. They helped him come to the conclusion that if the Democrats in the House are so enthusiastic about passing a public option, surely they would be rushing to join said plan. And they aren't, so there must be something bad about it.

However, the Congressman does not quite have his facts straight, as "Countdown" guest host Lawrence O'Donnell and Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY) both point out.

O'Donnell notes that members of Congress already have health care that is paid for by the government, and that the public option is for people lacking employer-provided health insurance. He then offered Congressman Wilson some advice: "It's your staff's job to talk you out of introducing idiotic amendments. Try talking to them once in awhile. If this happens again someone's got to be fired, and we know it can't be you, so give your staff fair warning."

Weiner attributed the Wilson's confusion to a bout of schizophrenia that is afflicting the GOP:

He seems to be one taco shy of a combo himself. Congressman Wilson is demonstrating a weird schizophrenia about this. Is he saying that not enough people are getting access to the public option? Does he want to extend it to all six million federal employees? I'm open to that idea! . . . Or is he saying he's against the public option, and therefore when he turns 65 he's not going to accept Medicare. This is part of the schizophrenia that is going on in the Republican party.


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