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Glenn Beck Loses Claim Against Creator Of Web Site

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A web site mocking Glenn Beck's integrity has won a claim brought against it by the Fox News commentator accusing the site of violating trademark rights, according to

The site was based on a joke posted on (TechDirt posted a link to the comment). The parody site's founder, Isaac Eiland-Hall, created the site on the premise that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990, because after all, Beck never denied taking part in a non-existent attack (a clear dig on Beck's sometimes illogical rants and conspiracy theories).

In early September, Beck's interests filed a claim against Eiland-Hall claiming that the site was registered in bad faith and violated trademark rules. The World Intellectual Property Organization ruled Oct. 29 in Eiland-Hall's favor. After proving his innocence to the WIPO panel, Eiland-Hall wrote Beck and gave him control of the web site. The site has been taken down.

Read Eiland Hall's letter to Beck.

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