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Stroger Tells Peraica 'You Don't Know When To Shut Up' (WATCH)

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Things got a little testy at the Cook County Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday.

First, Commissioner Tony Peraica tried to make the point that people were moving away from Chicago by noting that Mayor Daley's son -- and Commissioner John Daley's nephew -- Patrick had recently moved to Moscow.

Innocent or not, the comment pissed off Daley, who said "bullshit" and told Peraica he would remember what Peraica said.

Then, Peraica talked past his allotted time while trying to finish his comment, but Board President Todd Stroger had heard enough from his chief antagonist.

Stroger cut Peraica's mic in mid-sentence, telling him: "You just don't know when to shut up."


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The Board voted 12-5 to partially roll back Cook County's sales tax, the third time it has attempted to slash the rate. Stroger has vetoed each vote.

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