03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Donating Bras To Women In Need: Support1000 Sends Undies To Released Convicts

If you're a female convict being released from prison, you'll probably expect a few issues assimilating back into society. One thing you might not think about, though, is undergarments.

Nonprofit director Julia Sledge helps released female prisoners move on with their lives, and says it's a topic that frequently comes up.

"[Not having] a change of underwear because you can't afford it" is a reality for many of her clients, Sledge says, adding that she speaks from similar experience. "I'm heavy-chested and remember once, years ago, being so broke that I had to ask someone to help me buy a bra that would fit me."

That's where Support1000 comes in. Ozkr "Oz" du Soleil's organization collects and distributes bras for women in financial trouble. A navy veterans, du Soleil operates Support1000 out of his one-bedroom apartment in Chicago and distributes hundreds of bras each week.

The jokes, looks of confusion and outright suspicion no longer bother du Soleil when he tells people about his collection of women's bras.

"Questions about whether I'm strange do come up initially," he says. "I am careful. I joke up to a certain point. But after a while there is a limit."

The increase in press about Support1000 has led to an increase in donations. Though the most common bras donated are 36Cs, du Soleil often makes requests for Ds and Gs as well.

Got some extra bras you wouldn't mind donating? Here's where you send them:

Oz du Soleil


PO Box 412406

Chicago, IL 60641

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