John William McConaghy, 420-Pound Pedophile, Too Fat For Prison

03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Child abuser John William McConaghy has been spared jail by a court in Northern Ireland, as he was too fat.

McConaghy had been jailed for abuse that began when his victim was only 10 years old, reports The Belfast Telegraph. However, the judge suspended his two and a half year sentence as his obesity would have been impossible to care for in prison. McConaghy is thought to weigh 420 lbs.

The Belfast Telegraph reports that the Judge in the case, Judge David Smyth, told the court:

"I am satisfied that your health, your lack of mobility and the ulcerations of your legs, together with the need for frequent dressings, when considered with the likely extent of the arrangements that would have to be made to accommodate you in prison, constitutes wholly exception circumstances that permit me to suspend an otherwise essential custodial sentence."

A 66-year-old former Church elder, McConaghy had protested his innocence throughout the trial. The BBC reported the victim's reaction:

"I am happy with the sentence he got, I think that was a fair sentence, but I am not happy with the suspension of it, but I understand the reason for it on medical grounds."

McConagy has been ordered to pay the victim £10,000 ($16,000).

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