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Huckabee: Big Tent 'Will Kill Conservative Movement' (VIDEO)

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Some Republicans are concerned about how to expand their party's base -- but former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee isn't one of them. The S.E. Calgary News, via Think Progress reports that at a fundraiser in Canada last weekend, Huckabee said that a "big tent" would "kill the conservative movement":

"One of the things that concerns me is that in the United States there's a real talk of 'maybe we need to have this big tent and make sure that we just accommodate every view.' That's what will kill the conservative movement. Conservatives are conservatives because they have convictions, and convictions aren't preferences ... your convictions are the things you'll die for."


Huckabee view appears to be in line with the GOP 'purity' test, a proposed Republican National Committee resolution that would prohibit funding of candidates who did not adhere to certain principles.

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